Art, in any form, is a matter of perspective, one will either love it or hate it.

If one ponders, for a moment, the perspective of the artist, and contemplates the purpose for which any art is created, then I suspect one will, as I have, come to the conclusion that art is created, for the purpose of expression.

An artist wants to express himself/herself, and the world around them, not necessarily for the way the world is, but for the way that they experience it, or would like it to be experienced.

Art, to my mind, therefore displays our experiences as humans, of joy or fear, peace or turmoil, love or hatred and beauty or ugliness, to name but a few.

Each of the artistic expressions of our experiences is jaded by not only the artist’s subjective personal experiences but also by the viewer’s equally jaded personal experiences. That is why art, in any form, is so wonderful and diverse, because it engenders different reactions and feelings in, not only in the individuals creating it but in each individual receiving it.

Caleb Dredge